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Well, this blog isn’t too active (sorry), and I thought I could use some change.  I’m moving over to blogspot.com to see how that works out.

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Got bored, and had just a little time, so changed the site theme.   Something non-techy, since this isn’t a real techy site, but just for average joes!

Looks organic – I like it!

If you know Palm, you can’t delete all your entries in your ‘unfiled’ calendar.  You can delete it from any other calendar by deleting the category, but not from ‘unfiled’.  Well, I documented freeware here that lets you do that:

If you didn’t know, AT&T provides you a free professional grade account on flickr (basically you can upload lots of pics) if you have DSL internet with them. All you have to do is to go to www.flickr.com and sign up with your sbcglobal.net email address that you have with them.

Here is the email I got:

Dear AT&T Yahoo! member,

AT&T and Yahoo! have a history of providing our members with award-winning, industry-leading Internet products and services at a great value. For some time now, we’ve supported two photo services: AT&T Yahoo! Photos and Flickr.

But even good things must come to an end. After careful consideration, we’ve decided to close AT&T Yahoo! Photos to focus our efforts on Flickr, the award-winning photo-sharing community that TIME magazine has called “completely addictive.”We will begin closing AT&T Yahoo! Photos in the coming weeks.

But don’t worry — during that time, we’ll move your photos to Flickr, where you will enjoy a Pro account at no cost (valued at $24.95 per year), as long as you keep your AT&T Yahoo! service.

Your AT&T Yahoo! Photos account will continue to be available to you until we begin moving your photos to Flickr. You will receive an email when the move begins, and another one when it is complete.

Are you already a Flickr user? If so, you will now have access to Flickr Pro at no additional charge. Associate your existing Flickr account with your AT&T Yahoo! email address to automatically receive Flickr Pro access.

We look forward to continuing to provide you with industry-leading Internet products. For more details about this change to your service, please visit our frequently asked questions.

AT&T Yahoo! Member Services

Hello folks – I just wanted to apologize that I have not been updating this blog. I am way too busy (have a full time job, and a family with one toddler at that).

I also now work on a similar internal private blog these day to help out my friends – I may copy and paste some articles here for your convenience.

One note – I am very surprised by how many people actually were affected by the Starlogic monitor issue – that’s the # one article read I think.

Anyways, take care, and have a happy (and safe) holidays folks!

Logitech’s support and warranty really really sucks.

On my Logitech mx1000 mouse, the cursor started acting funny whenever I pressed the scroll button. I had to reset it each time. I know computers well, so I tried 2 different Logitech drivers (even tried without the logitech driver), and 2 different Windows machines. I got this from a friend (but is under the 3 year warranty). I called Logitech support. But the rep said that he cannot give me a replacement mouse, b/c the warranty is not transferrable.

The Mx1000 mouse is supposed to be top of the line mouse, around $70 originally purchased.

But now, only after 1.5 years, the rep and the supervisor both refused to reissue a replacement mouse, since the mouse was given to me, and I was not the original purchaser.

But my question is this:

Why do they not stand behind their mouse?

The lame supervisor I ended up speaking with gave me this logic.

“If someone ends up getting a new mouse for their warranty, and they give that defective mouse to someone else, then they can also try to get a new mouse and we don’t want that.”

I almost burst out laughing. I said, “Why don’t you take the defective mouse back?” He didn’t really answer that. But he did repeat that the warranty is not transferrable. I said I know that, but I’m asking WHY it’s not transferrable.

I asked, “Why does it matter who owns it? If the mouse works as it should, it would not matter, and therefore, you should stand behind your mouse, replacing it if it did indeed break due to manufacturing defect, as it was in my case.” He said many companies have non-transferrable warranties.

The supervisor did ask if I wanted to troubleshoot it. I said I tried 2 different drivers, 3 different machines, and I’m very computer saavy. It’s a hardware issue. Then he said I could buy a replacement one at half off, at $50. Yeah, right – I can buy a new mouse for that.

I wonder if anyone will even read this. But if you do, please please never buy another Logitech product, especially if it’s going to be a gift. If it breaks, your only option is to throw it away.

Logitech really really sucks.

I was watching someone use her computer at work the other day, and I was amazed to see that she was unaware of a simple way to minimize all her windows.  She went to each one, clicked on the minimize button – for like 5 windows.  That’s a waste of time.

There are 3 very fast ways to do this:

1.  Press your Windows key + M for minimize.  The fastest way.  The Windows key is between your Control and Alt keys on the lower left of your keyboard.

2.  Similarly, you can press Windows key + D (D for desktop).  This one is cool in that if you press the hotkey combo again, you’ll see all your windows maximized again.  Option 1 does not do this.

2.  If you insist in the mouse, you can do this – Right click on the toolbar on the bottom of your windows, you know, the one w/ the start button on the bottom left.  Select Toolbars > Quick Launch.  This will add some more icons to your toolbar.  Press the icon w/ the blue and white trapezoid to see your desktop.  You don’t have to do this whole thing every time. Next time, you can just press the icon, b/c it will always be there.