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Capturing Screenshots on your PC 

Sorry I’ve been out awhile… I got back, but I just switched to a new job, so I can’t really post anymore during work.  I have more work to do, and it’s more interesting.

Anyways, today’s basic tech tip is that you can capture screenshots and either copy it into Word, or save it as a file and email it.

I know that I’ve had times where I wanted to show someone an error message or wanted to create some tutorial, and I wondered how I could do this.

With my old workplace, we had bought licenses for Hypersnap and SnagIt.  Those both worked good.  However, I never had to do it really at home on my PC, so I never needed it.

However, I did a quick google search and found a really good donationware that does just as well.  (donationware is free, but they ask for a donation).

It’s called MWSnap:

You can capture a screenshot into different formats, such as bitmap or jpeg (I prefer jpeg).  You can also create a custom square area you want to draw on the desktop to capture.  You can save it to your clipboard to say paste into Word, or you can save it as a file to email.

Try it out, and if you like it, make a donation!


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I’m back from being out of town.  I don’t have anything substantial to post today, but will do once I just catch up with life.

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