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I’m surprised at how often I encounter people that don’t know how to select multiple files in their windows explorer folder without using their mouse awkwardly to try drag all the ones they want. But then again, I think about how you can’t really know this unless someone told you, b/c it’s not like it’s very intuitive or written clearly in a manual somewhere. As a matter of fact, if you click on the Windows XP Help section, and type in “select multiple files” you get zero results.

Anyways, here is how you do it to select just certain files.

1. First, go into ‘detail’ view by right-clicking anywhere in your folder, and then going to view > details (it’s the easiest way to view all your files if you have a lot)

2. Hold down the CONTROL key on your keyboard, and select the first file. Then while still holding down that button, select the second, third, etc. file. You have more than one selected.
3. Now you can right-click again, and cut or copy the files to move/copy them to your desired destination.

Now here is how you select a range of files:

1. Assuming you’re still in detail view, hold down the SHIFT button, and then click the first file.

2. Then scroll down to the last file you want to select with the SHIFT button still down. Now you’ve selected everything in between as well. Simple. Again, you can cut/copy to whereever you want.

another tip:
Many windows applications work this way with CONTROL select and SHIFT select. Programs such as Picasa photo manager by Google uses the same select keys. It’s a fast way to select mutiple files.

Hope today’s tech tip for the average joe was helpful.

By the way, on a personal note, I’m feeling a bit lonely! I’m not sure if I’m talking to an empty room or if anyone is actually finding my tips helpful. Please leave a comment if you can – otherwise, I guess it’s better if I just stopped wasting my time.

“If a tree falls in a forest with no one to hear it, then does it make a sound?”


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If you’re a coffee drinker, or just want to be extra careful, I highly recommend the following keyboard cover:


It’s a silicone-based keyboard cover, which you do not have to remove to type. It will protect your keyboard from dust, liquid, hair, etc. I use it myself and I’m going over a year strong, and I have no regrets. Did I mention that it’s washable?

They also have a variety of other protectors for your iPod as well. You should check it out, before the coffee spills on your Mac!

FYI, you can also try to look for their products on ebay, and you might find some of them to be slightly cheaper – but not by much.

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I’m sure some of you have heard about 802.11B wireless routers vs. 802.11g routers. the latter is more expensive (usually over $100), and you might be wondering which one is better, or thinking that the 802.11G must obviously be better.

Now keep in mind that I’m just saying this mostly geared toward the average joe – but basically, buying a 802.11G router is all hype for the average joe. 802.11G says it gets you speeds of up to 54mb per second (versus 11mbps for B routers), but that does not apply to your internet speed in real life.

basically that speed refers to how fast you can share files between computers in the same wireless network. So if you create a share folder on one computer and have a share folder in another computer, and want to share files via the network the wireless router creates, then you’re going to see the faster speed (54mbs) in action. When just surfing, you’re not. The 11mbs that your 802.11 router offers is greater than the normal internet throughput of about 3mbs into your house, so you do the simple math…

Normally dsl speeds or even cable speeds only go up to max about 2-3mbs (well if you pay a lot more, ATT will offer up to 6mb, but you really don’t need that) , so if you’re just using the internet and just need a router, you can save money by just getting the 802.11b routers. they are really cheap right now, less than $50 for good ones after rebates. Always check sites like www.techbargains.com, or www.fatwallet.com or just various online stores like amazon.com for good deals.

Also, remember that the speed of your internet connection is not just dependent on the speed into your house. It’s all the servers and wires out there between the websites that you are checking and usually the bottleneck is going to be the lowest common denominator slowing you down.

One last tip – both 802.11b and g use 2.4ghz frequency, so try not to use a cordless phone w/ the same frequency. Go with 900mhz (do they still sell those?) or 5.8ghz.  Otherwise, when you get phone calls, your internet connection may drop intermittently.

Hope this helps you save a few bucks. You don’t always need the latest technology.

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Maybe your internet connection via AT&T Yahoo is not as fast as you expected for your plan.  Or maybe you’re just curious.   Either way, you can check out your internet connection speed here for free via ATT&T’s help site:


You can use it regardless of what company you have internet with by the way.

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If you’re like me, you’ve already grown a little irked at how Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger)’s Spotlight search feature works. Of course, when it does, it’s pretty cool, but I always found it quite odd that you can’t do an exact search, and that it’s searching as you’re typing, making it a little hard to type fully what you’re looking for. It begins searching right away, so the more you type, the more you feel like you’re on one of those old computers with not enough memory to run Word.

Anyways, I’m not the only one that thinks this way, and a guy by the alias of ‘mattneub’ has created a new search tool that uses the same Spotlight engine: NotLight

I used it a few times, and I like it! Precise searches – you can search by extension name or by content and you can save your searches as well. And it’s free! You should really save some time and start using it today!

Download NotLight

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Newer is not always better. Actually in the software world, sometimes, newer is just more bloated. You didn’t need those extra 5 features, because you don’t use them anyways!

Then you need to head on over to www.oldversion.com

They have older versions of popular (or formerly popular) software like Winamp. Do you remember version 2.95, that nice, small, stable version before the dreaded 3.x release? Yes, they have it.

Try it out! Older indeed might be better.

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I’m not sure if he’s getting everything really correct with the terminology, and also he doesn’t specify the carrier specific limitations and specifications.

Also, the prices are not really correct.  They will cost about $400 and $600 for 650 and 700p respectively, but that’s full price.  For example, on amazon.com, with Verizon, you can get a 700p for under $200 if you sign up for a new plan.

However, it’s good enough for the “average joe” which is what this site is all about, right?

In addition to this video, I recommend that you read the user opinions in the link above at amazon.com.  700p’s battery life seems to be quite short, almost to the point of being too short.  Additionally, for that ultra fast broadband type speed this guy is talking about, you need to pay an additional $50 to $60 /month for Verizon.  So unless your company is paying for your Treo 700p and its use, I’m not sure if it’s worth it for personal purchase.

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