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There is a website called Jott (free) which lets you call their phone number, designate a person to “jott” in your address book, and leave a voice note.  Then they will transcribe the note, and then send it to you, or whoever is in your address book as a text message and/or email.

There is even a feature to upload your whole gmail address book, but turns out this is not a good idea.

There seems to be a bug where if you don’t say a name right in the list, then it will keep asking you to choose one of the say 3 on the list.  But if the one you wanted to choose is not on the list, then you’re out of luck.  Need to hang up and call again.

Just keep a few in your Jott address book to minimize confusing Jott’s voice recognition system.

Note:  it’s in beta stage, so their website is a bit slow – hope it gets better.


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