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If you didn’t know, AT&T provides you a free professional grade account on flickr (basically you can upload lots of pics) if you have DSL internet with them. All you have to do is to go to www.flickr.com and sign up with your sbcglobal.net email address that you have with them.

Here is the email I got:

Dear AT&T Yahoo! member,

AT&T and Yahoo! have a history of providing our members with award-winning, industry-leading Internet products and services at a great value. For some time now, we’ve supported two photo services: AT&T Yahoo! Photos and Flickr.

But even good things must come to an end. After careful consideration, we’ve decided to close AT&T Yahoo! Photos to focus our efforts on Flickr, the award-winning photo-sharing community that TIME magazine has called “completely addictive.”We will begin closing AT&T Yahoo! Photos in the coming weeks.

But don’t worry — during that time, we’ll move your photos to Flickr, where you will enjoy a Pro account at no cost (valued at $24.95 per year), as long as you keep your AT&T Yahoo! service.

Your AT&T Yahoo! Photos account will continue to be available to you until we begin moving your photos to Flickr. You will receive an email when the move begins, and another one when it is complete.

Are you already a Flickr user? If so, you will now have access to Flickr Pro at no additional charge. Associate your existing Flickr account with your AT&T Yahoo! email address to automatically receive Flickr Pro access.

We look forward to continuing to provide you with industry-leading Internet products. For more details about this change to your service, please visit our frequently asked questions.

AT&T Yahoo! Member Services


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If you’ve been busy with the shopping and haven’t had time to take a good look at all the different websites from which to order your holiday/Christmas cards, then take a look at Costco.com’s photo center.

Yes, Costco sells everything, but I bet you didn’t know they do Holiday photo cards well. They have a variety of templates from which to choose from, and the price is just right. You just upload your digital picture, choose a template, then order.

FYI, they are 5×6 cards and here is the pricing:

5×6 Photo Card Prices

1st set = $15.99

Additional sets = $5.99 per set

First set contains 50 cards and envelopes. Each additional set contains 25 cards and envelopes.


That’s only about 32 cents each. The best part of all is that you can literally pick them up the next day from your local Costco. I just picked up mine today, and they are great quality! 1 day turnaround, you can’t ask for more.


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!


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If you’re like me and have friends and relatives you want to send pics to directly, but the total pics size is too big to send via email (like 125 mbs!) then you can benefit from yousendit.com.

Basically, www.yousendit.com is a website that lets you upload a file to its server, then gives your sender(s) a link to that file to download on their side. I know there are several sites like this, like rapidshare.com, etc, but I don’t like those as much, because they make you wait several seconds before a download for their free service. You have to pay to avoid those.

Yousendit.com lets you send up to 1gb for free with no wait time, and if you sign up for their premium services, the link stays valid for over the standard free service’s typical 7 days limit for your friends to download. I also think they provide better upload/download speeds if you sign up for their pay service. But the free version does well for me.

A good way to send a bunch of files together in one file is to zip it first. Remember that tool I talked about before, www.7-zip.org. Download their free zip tool that lets you zip up multiple files into one file to send. I even taught my dad how to zip and then use yousendit.com to send me his pictures!

Good luck!

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If you have a digital camera, and want to print photos at home, you should just think logically about what kind of photo paper to use. Isn’t all photo paper the same? No, they are not.

I personally like my Canon i960 printer (which came out before the new Pixma line), and I do well with my Canon photo paper, which I always buy from Amazon.com for their fair prices and free shipping. (look on the text link box to the right if you wanna get some now).

I think 2 basic rules of thumb apply:

1. You get what you pay for – I used epson, canon and kodak before. They are all good. No noticeable difference. I did however, once use printasia brand, which was cheap. The quality sucked.  The ink absorbed onto the paper, and produced dull images.  It was very noticeably bad.
2. Get whatever brand that you have as a printer/ink combo.  So if you have a Canon printer (you should always use genuine brand name ink with that, in this case Canon of course), use Canon paper.  Why?  Because it only makes sense.  The guys who test the printing there with their printers probably test with their own Canon paper.  Same goes for HP and so forth.  You will get the best quality picture prints that way.

Hope this ungeeky advice helps.

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Picasa by Google

If you're a newbie to the digital photography world, you may have gotten by so far by viewing your photos via windows explorer. Maybe you are using the basic photo program bundled in a CD w/ your camera. But the best FREE solution is to use the Picasa photo management software by Google! (ok, well, they didn't make it, they bought them out and improved them – a lot!)

Here are some things you can do:

  1. attach 'labels' to each photo, so that you can search on them later. Also, if you create a label, you get a label based album on your left side, much like a playlist in iTunes.
  2. View photos in different sized thumbnails.
  3. View photos based on date taken.
  4. Make minor edits – there's even a "I'm feeling lucky" button like in google, for one time fast fixing.
  5. Export directly to a photo printing site, like www.winkflash.com (you have multiple choices)
  6. Share photos easily via gmail integration.
  7. …and more!

Sorry, it's for windows only. in Mac, you already have iPhoto, which is plenty good enough. They are quite similar in some ways.

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If you have a digital camera, this is one thing you NEED to know to have your pictures come out with great, true to life colors. I have a Canon, so I can tell you how to get to your Canon's custom white balance settings, but for other models, please read your manual.

What is custom white balance? Basically, you are telling your camera how to adjust its colors by telling it what is truly white. From there, the camera will figure out all the other colors. Typically when you are outdoors, and you have it to 'auto' setting, your camera will do fine. However, in an indoor setting, due to different kinds of lighting (yellow, flourescent, etc) your camera will not know as well.

This is when you want to use your 'custom white balance' setting. Set your camera to 'manual mode' and then click on the 'function' button. Then you will see second from the top a little icon with a circle and 2 small triangles. Go to that and it will say 'evaluate custom white bal'.

Then you want to find a truly white item, point your camera's focus box on it, and click on the 'set' button. That's it! Now your camera will have colors that are adjusted for the type of lighting that you're in.

This is a must-know for all digital camera owners! You could try to change colors later via photoshop or other photo-editting software, but it's a hassle.

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If you have a digital camera (pretty much everyone these days), you're probably wondering what online site to use to print them and have them delivered.  I've used ofoto.com (now kodakgallery.com), snapfish.com, and winkflash.com.  The last one is not well known.

However, of the 3, I recommend winkflash.com.  Why?  It's the cheapest at 12 cents per 4×6 print, and has only 99 cent shipping flat rate! Snapfish also has 12 cent 4×6 printing, but has higher shipping costs.  Only 1-5 prints (as of today) have 99 cent shipping.  You pay more after that.  Kodak has 15 cent 4×6 prints.

Furthermore, you are allowed to freely download the full size image that you uploaded.  I find it quite absurd that you have to pay to download the same size you uploaded. Snapfish charges you, and I don't think Kodak even offers that option (I tried searching their website to no avail).

You might be wondering, but what about the print quality from winkflash?  It's good.  No worries.  Try it out. 

Here is a coupon code (hope it still works) that you might wanna try:  

 .08 per 4×6 print up to 100 – S1XJ5A77 

Good luck!   

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