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Picasa by Google

If you're a newbie to the digital photography world, you may have gotten by so far by viewing your photos via windows explorer. Maybe you are using the basic photo program bundled in a CD w/ your camera. But the best FREE solution is to use the Picasa photo management software by Google! (ok, well, they didn't make it, they bought them out and improved them – a lot!)

Here are some things you can do:

  1. attach 'labels' to each photo, so that you can search on them later. Also, if you create a label, you get a label based album on your left side, much like a playlist in iTunes.
  2. View photos in different sized thumbnails.
  3. View photos based on date taken.
  4. Make minor edits – there's even a "I'm feeling lucky" button like in google, for one time fast fixing.
  5. Export directly to a photo printing site, like www.winkflash.com (you have multiple choices)
  6. Share photos easily via gmail integration.
  7. …and more!

Sorry, it's for windows only. in Mac, you already have iPhoto, which is plenty good enough. They are quite similar in some ways.


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Sure, you can search your gmail account by just entering a few keywords, but there is a faster, more effective way to find that one email you're looking for by using special operators in the search box.

Here they are, in the gmail help page.

The ones I use most are:

  • from – I use this to find email from that one person. Very useful in that I don't have to enter the full email address or the full name. I can just type "from:benjamin" for ex.
  • to – I use this to find that email to send to someone. used just like from.
  • has:attachment – This I use to find emails with attachments. Just type it in like you see it.

Please note that you can use them in combination, along with keywords, by separating them with a space. For ex. "from:joe has:attachment invitation" (without the double-quotes of course)

Let me know if this revolutionizes your gmail experience! 🙂

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