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I’m sure some of you have heard about 802.11B wireless routers vs. 802.11g routers. the latter is more expensive (usually over $100), and you might be wondering which one is better, or thinking that the 802.11G must obviously be better.

Now keep in mind that I’m just saying this mostly geared toward the average joe – but basically, buying a 802.11G router is all hype for the average joe. 802.11G says it gets you speeds of up to 54mb per second (versus 11mbps for B routers), but that does not apply to your internet speed in real life.

basically that speed refers to how fast you can share files between computers in the same wireless network. So if you create a share folder on one computer and have a share folder in another computer, and want to share files via the network the wireless router creates, then you’re going to see the faster speed (54mbs) in action. When just surfing, you’re not. The 11mbs that your 802.11 router offers is greater than the normal internet throughput of about 3mbs into your house, so you do the simple math…

Normally dsl speeds or even cable speeds only go up to max about 2-3mbs (well if you pay a lot more, ATT will offer up to 6mb, but you really don’t need that) , so if you’re just using the internet and just need a router, you can save money by just getting the 802.11b routers. they are really cheap right now, less than $50 for good ones after rebates. Always check sites like www.techbargains.com, or www.fatwallet.com or just various online stores like amazon.com for good deals.

Also, remember that the speed of your internet connection is not just dependent on the speed into your house. It’s all the servers and wires out there between the websites that you are checking and usually the bottleneck is going to be the lowest common denominator slowing you down.

One last tip – both 802.11b and g use 2.4ghz frequency, so try not to use a cordless phone w/ the same frequency. Go with 900mhz (do they still sell those?) or 5.8ghz.  Otherwise, when you get phone calls, your internet connection may drop intermittently.

Hope this helps you save a few bucks. You don’t always need the latest technology.


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Maybe your internet connection via AT&T Yahoo is not as fast as you expected for your plan.  Or maybe you’re just curious.   Either way, you can check out your internet connection speed here for free via ATT&T’s help site:


You can use it regardless of what company you have internet with by the way.

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