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Moving to blogspot.com

Well, this blog isn’t too active (sorry), and I thought I could use some change.  I’m moving over to blogspot.com to see how that works out.

If you’re part of the new still reading, follow me to:



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Changed themes

Got bored, and had just a little time, so changed the site theme.   Something non-techy, since this isn’t a real techy site, but just for average joes!

Looks organic – I like it!

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Hello folks – I just wanted to apologize that I have not been updating this blog. I am way too busy (have a full time job, and a family with one toddler at that).

I also now work on a similar internal private blog these day to help out my friends – I may copy and paste some articles here for your convenience.

One note – I am very surprised by how many people actually were affected by the Starlogic monitor issue – that’s the # one article read I think.

Anyways, take care, and have a happy (and safe) holidays folks!

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I’m back from being out of town.  I don’t have anything substantial to post today, but will do once I just catch up with life.

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and away from computers!  In a way, quite a relief!  I have early signs of carpal tunnel.  I’ll be back online perhaps sometime like second week of August.  Take care!

-the ungeek

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I’m starting to get some spam in my comments, but it’s good to know that the wordpress spam blocker tool is working well.  It caught all of them (yes, they were pretty obvious ones).  I hate spam!  But on the bright side, I guess this means my site is being noticed?

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I’m not sure how many people I’m helping, or how many are reading for that matter, but just wanted to make this site as helpful as possible.  What would you like me to write about?  Please leave a comment to request.  Thx!

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